Discover relaxation at our spa on your next wellness escape. Massage is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, making it the perfect treatment when your body is in need of serious relaxation. We are proud to offer various Massage services to relieve muscular pain and bring about an overall sense of wellbeing.

FREE use of Sauna & Steam Room with any massage treatment lasting 60 min and more.​​


We offer a range of facial treatments for both women and men.

Classic Facial Deep Cleansing:

Includes a cleanse, exfoliate, face massage, mask, toner extraction & moisturiser

Ideal for restoring your skin's radiance by removing impurities, excess oils and dead skin cells.

A deep facial cleansing reduces pores, purifies skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells leaving your skin squeaky clean and refreshingly radiant.

Facial - LED Light Therapy:

Includes a cleanse, exfoliate, face massage, extraction, mask & light therapy, tonner, moisturiser

This is a revolutionary new technique used in skin and facial treatments. The lights penetrate the layers of your skin to encourage collagen to grow, assist with skin repair and provide anti-bacterial qualities to fight the causes of acne. This painless and non-invasive treatment is an ideal way to refresh and rejuvenate your face and skin. 

Facial - Gua Sha massage with vitamin C serum:

Using oil to give a massage including vitamin C serum

This treatment offers variety of benefits:

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Relieves tension from muscles

Eyebrow Wax


We offer a range of beauty treatments for women and some for men too, with our specialist beauty therapist’s providing waxing for you with the best hot wax,  which provides a less painful and delicate experience for our customers.

Full Leg Wax and Bikini / Top Half Leg Wax / Under Arm Wax / Lip and Chin Wax / French Bikini Wax / Brazilian Bikini Wax / Californian Bikini Wax / Hollywood Bikini Wax / Full Arm Wax / Half Arm Wax / Lip Wax / Chin Wax / Shoulder Wax / Chest Wax / Back Wax / Patch Wax

Sauna & Steam Room

At Better, the Sauna and Steam Room make a great place to unwind. But they can help with more than just relieving stress and relaxing the body and mind. Increasing blood flow, helping with weight loss and skin cleansing are all proven benefits.

FREE with any massage treatment lasting 60 min and more.